Permanent exhibitions

Eight galleries show us how the emergence of Panama changed the world 3 million years ago.

Temporary exhibitions

In addition to the permanent exhibitions, you can enjoy temporary exhibits in the Santiago Fernández Castro gallery.

Previous exhibitions

Gardens of the park

Garden of interdependence
Here the concepts of pollinization, symbiosis and other relationships between plants and other organisms are disclosed.
Garden of evolution
We compare the evolution and reproduction of primitive plants with that of modern flowering plants.
Lawn of microdiversity
Discover the rich biodiversity hidden in the grass.
Garden of crops
It tells the story of the domestication and the use of plants in Panama.
Garden of survival
A stone wall will help us discover how plants have adapted to grow and survive in the most inhospitable places.
Garden of water
It demonstrates the importance, diversity and complexity of aquatic ecosystems.
Promenade of the Canal
A pathway dedicated to the history of the Panama Canal and the surrounding landscape.
Plaza of the people
A space created to make us reflect on how the decisions we make every day affect the world. We are all part of biodiversity and responsible for its conservation.

The butterflies
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The birds
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